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Month: December 2015

Stay Wary Of A Few Demerits Of An Online Auction


Amidst the several advantages, a small number of disadvantages also set in through the process of online auction. Anonymous bidders are created as these online auctions do not take place in the person to person format. The true identity of the bidder is not revealed to anybody. The sellers do not have a control on the bidders who participate in the auction. Several options are available for auto bidding with the latest automated auction software. When prerequisite criteria are fixed by the bidder such software instantly start a false bidding process which deceives the auction.

Genuineness of the product, its quality and usability cannot be inspected in an online auction. Only photographs of the product are available on the website. Many auction websites do not provide refund options. In case of a regular auction, the time remains fixed and cannot be changed. But with online auctions, the time can be reset to 20 to 30 seconds whenever a new bid is placed. This can sometimes lead to fraudulent bidding practices. Similarly auction websites that are not trustworthy sell forged products that would never be delivered. Most of the times the product that arrives differs from the photograph that leads to commotion.

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