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The Do’s And Don’ts For Seller


Being a seller, you must take maximum care while choosing categories for sale. Conduct a thorough study of the auction site and list down the product categories that would perfectly suit the situation. From the list of many, narrow down choices to the most appropriate item. Choose items that serve to be the need of the hour. Expand the research process by several folds about the auction site, its terms and policies, availability of similar products and their prices. Then decide up on a lowest starting price as they are more probable to be bid foremost.

The success depends on the time and the day chosen. It’s always preferred to finish an auction during peak periods of the day when individuals stay at home like on a Saturday or Sunday between 5 to 10 P.M. Identifying a niche would make huge profits for the seller. Unique selling products have to be focused on for the bidding. Make sure information about product shipping, handling measures and payment methods are disclosed honestly. Keep shipping charges to the lowest limit to lure individuals. Varied payment methods guarantee more bidding. In case of payment through a bank cheque, make sure to ship the product after the clearance of cheque.

Include several photographs of the auction material to make the buyers feel secure. Photographs speak volumes about the material than a comprehensive description. Continue to bold and highlight the titles of the auction material in the features column to enable a distinguished status to the item. With the goal being selling the item, choice of words should sound convincing. Use of influential words for advertisements like rare, designer, easy to use, wallet friendly will do the magic. Make sure the right descriptions about the product are spelt out fittingly. Sell products with a personal touch. Don’t forget to answer to emails and questions quickly and politely.

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